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Intelligent Transportation System

Toll Management System

Toll Management System

Efficient Toll Operations with Our Innovative Toll Management System Solutions

To enhance your expressway experience, Vara’s tolling system employs a blend of advanced technologies and methods, enabling you to centrally manage toll operations with a single, integrated solution. Our system is designed to provide the most efficient and reliable toll management software available today.

Our state-of-the-art toll management solutions ensure a seamless experience for users, improving the efficiency of toll booth operations. The system collects data and generates comprehensive reports on various parameters, including vehicle count, classification, speed, and more.

Our ICD 2.5 compliant software integrates hardware, software, banks, and concessionaires into one cohesive platform, simplifying and streamlining toll management.


Advanced Traffic Management

Advanced Traffic Management

Smarter Traffic Management with Our Intelligent and Integrated Traffic System Solutions

Cities often have populations that far exceed the capacity of their traffic infrastructure, leading to frequent congestion. To mitigate this, large cities depend on intelligent traffic management systems. Our advanced traffic management systems (ATMs) are designed to enhance the overall efficiency and safety of transportation by delivering real-time, accurate information about road conditions, traffic situations, incidents, and weather conditions.

Our comprehensive transport and traffic management system is an integrated solution for highway traffic management. It collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates real-time data to all relevant users and agencies, ensuring effective and coordinated responses to traffic challenges.


Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Transforming the Future of Parking with Our Innovative IoT-based Smart Parking Systems for Smart Cities

  • In recent decades, the demand for parking spaces in India has increased dramatically as the number of vehicles on the road has multiplied tenfold. In contrast, parking space availability in cities has remained constant. Because it is impossible to keep adding parking spaces, it is critical to manage the ones that are already there to maximize their use.

  • Our smart parking solutions, which are scalable and straightforward to implement, are gaining popularity as part of India’s smart city movement. It is a low-barrier solution that uses IoT to assist drivers in finding parking spaces without human assistance.

Track and Trace

Track & Trace

Enabling End-to-End Traceability with Our RFID Track and Trace Solutions

Businesses are now leveraging advanced technology to track shipping containers globally. By connecting storage containers to the internet, companies can access actionable data to enhance reliability, reduce accidents, and optimize operations.


Our proven solutions help lower operating and maintenance costs, improve utilization, and minimize significant business risks associated with managing assets across complex shipping, port, and intermodal transport networks.

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