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YardExpert – Our Smart Logistics Planning Software

Updated: Jun 21

Smart Logistics Solution

Smart Logistics Transforming Businesses Like Never Before

Most businesses, retail or wholesale, have gone through a digital evolution. Even the most traditional businesses are now forced to turn to technology to improve several aspects of the business including production, distribution, marketing and sales. Why is this so? Traditional methods have their limitations with real-time visibility, transparency and efficiency when it comes to logistics planning and execution. With the growing impetus on things like quick delivery, same day-delivery and free delivery; the only way to stay competitive in this market is to invest in technology for smart logistics management.

Our Yard Management System, YardExpert™ designed with powerful tools that transform warehouses and heighten their capabilities. We are the first in India to offer these services to a network of 13 ports.

Container Transport Info

Shortening lead time & transport costs by sharing critical container information among relevant businesses

Tagging and De-tagging

Workforce of 500+ operators at Port terminals ensuring Tagging & De-Tagging activities round the clock

Warehouse/Transport Management

Cloud based or On-Premise Warehouse and Transport Management solutions for customers

Inventory Health Metrics

How much working capital is being tied up. It is a measure of inventory holdings relative to the expected demand

Basic and Detailed Analytics

Dwell Time, Transit Time, Efficiency, Average Delivery Time, Alerts, Google Map View, Container Heat Map, Congestion Analysis, etc.

Why do you need Smart Logistics?

Increased visibility

Creates visibility to the warehouse of what is on incoming vehicles in the yard, enabling prioritization of assignment of vehicles to docks and unloading according to the needs in the warehouse.

Greater control

Extends the management of your distribution facility beyond the four walls of the warehouse, allowing efficient control of the inventory in the yard.

Streamlined flow

It reduces the check-in time and wait time of vehicles in the yard.

Improved monitoring

Tracks pertinent information about vehicles, including source, status and usage information; who brought the vehicle and who owns it, where the vehicle is, what is on it and how long it has been there, where and when is the vehicle expected to go.

Optimised planning

Provides effective task organization of vehicle moves transmitted by RF to yard jockeys. This enables warehouse personnel to know which vehicles need to be moved, their location in the yard, the location to which they are going and which yard jockeys are available to do the job. It also allows them to match work tasks with available vehicles.

Empower your business with these capabilities and more with our smart logistics solutions. To learn more, get in touch!



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