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21st Century Solutions for Social Media Investigation

Updated: Jun 21

Law Enforcement on Social Media

Law Enforcers Are Exploring Your Social Media Profiles for Investigation

In the past few decades, as the role of social media grew in people’s lives, so did it’s role in crime and justice. The sheer volume of engagement on social media platforms, the amount of content generated every day and the personal nature of this content, makes it impossible for law enforcement agencies to ignore. Here are a few quick facts:

  • 300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook alone each day and approximately 510 million comments every 60 seconds.

  • The average number of people using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp daily is over 2 billion.

  • Twitter hosts around 500 million tweets every day i.e. 200 billion tweets per year.

  • Instagram users create 95 million posts every day.

The numbers speak for themselves. Social media dictates the way the majority of people communicate today, including criminals. That makes these platforms a great source of hardcore archieved evidence. More and more law enforcers are now exploring tools that can effectively exploit this new source of evidence and prepare them for the future.

We offer tools to world’s leading investigation and law enforcement agencies that enables them to search, collect and analyze data in open sources; anything from social media and the dark web to leaked databases and blockchain using more than 700 search methods. Our platform is designed to enhance the effectiveness of investigations by enabling easy access to deep social/digital information, effective data management and analytics.

Our solutions:

Enable fast and accurate search from a wide range of data formats – structures, unstructured and geospatial. Rely upon the most up-to-date real-time results.



  • Plug & Play software ensures (no data sharing)

  • 700+ Search Methods

  • 50+ Sources, 30+ dark net sources

  • Trusted by Law Enforcement Agencies from over 50% of EU countries


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