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Infrastructure: Enhancing Logistics and Highways

To stay ahead of the competition, businesses in the logistics sector must update their technology, and we’re here to help you through the process. Vara’s RFID and IoT solutions have not only improved operational efficiencies and cargo safety but have also significantly reduced the cost of transportation with high-speed freight movement.


All of Vara’s products, solutions, and strategies are powered by technology and foresight to intelligently address the challenges of the road and highway construction industry. Our ground-breaking work includes creating and implementing electronic toll systems and smart highway systems, which have allowed us to cut travel time by 10-15%. We have also built RFID tags and other tracking technologies to increase the effectiveness of ports and warehouses. By integrating these advanced solutions, we are driving the future of logistics and highway infrastructure.


Toll Management System

  • Data Security at its best

  • AVCS with over 99% efficiency

  • Support during installation

  • Excellent audit features

  • Manual, Automatic System



Track and Trace

  • Streamlined Long-Term Strategy

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions

  • Secure Application Management

  • Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Security

  • Unified Cloud Visibility

  • Real-Time Contextual Insights



Advanced Traffic Management

  • Variable Message Signboards

  • Emergency Call Boxes

  • CCTV Cameras and Surveillance

  • Optical Fiber Cable and Wireless Communication

  • HTMS Control Centre



Smart Parking

  • Automated & Digitised Infra

  • Transparency

  • Cost Effective

  • Swift & Saves Time

  • Operational Ease


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