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Traceability Solution

Traceability Solution

Revolutionize Your Supply Chain with Transparent Blockchain Traceability Solutions

Traceability and authenticity are crucial for modern supply chains. Issuing genuine certificates is essential for managing dispersed and layered processes, promoting transparency, and meeting consumer demands for quality assurance.

Our blockchain-based traceability solution ensures secure verification of transactions involving multiple parties. In a supply chain network, our system prevents entities from selling goods that were not obtained through authentic channels.




Secure Your Credentials with Immutable Blockchain-based Digital Certificates

The prevalence of fraudulent and tampered certificates is a common issue. Digital issuance of certificates and identity documents ensures they cannot be altered post-issuance. Using CertCheck, educational institutes and corporates can verify documents and credentials almost instantaneously.

Manual verification procedures for job-relieving letters or academic certificates often cause delays of 7 to 45 days. According to research, 48% of HR professionals are too time-constrained to thoroughly check each applicant’s credentials.

CertCheck streamlines this process, reducing delays and enhancing the efficiency of document verification.


Intercompany Reconciliation

Transform Your Financial Landscape with Secure Blockchain Intercompany Reconciliation

Reconciliation for related parties transactions often involves manual or semi-manual processes, prone to errors and time-consuming. Complexities like accounting errors, transaction duplication, inter-group cost-sharing adjustments, currency exchanges, and intricate revenue-sharing arrangements further exacerbate the challenges.

To enhance operational efficiency, our blockchain-based intercompany reconciliation platform is vital for financial reporting activities. Built on a Hyperledger Fabric blockchain framework, this solution revolutionizes the reconciliation process.

Trade Finance

Trade Finance


Effortlessly Manage Trade Finance with Blockchain-based Solutions

  • Cross-Border Payment Processing:

    • Corporates send payment instructions to banks based on documents such as letters of credit, invoices, and delivery challans.

    • Documents are currently exchanged via email and physical copies sent through banking channels.

  • Blockchain-Based Platform:

    • Our platform ensures information symmetry, transparency, trust, security, and immutability.

    • A unified version of truth is securely replicated across all stakeholders.

    • Automation streamlines the process, reducing lead time.

    • Documents move swiftly, and transactions are settled in near real-time.



Transform Your KYC Processes with Secure Blockchain Technology

Financial institutions rely on KYC processes as the foundation of their anti-money laundering efforts. Current methods involve repetitive onboarding and validation, posing risks of identity theft and privacy breaches, while being costly and time-consuming.
According to Forbes, KYC procedures cost some institutions nearly $500 million annually.

The current process allocates 80% of efforts to information gathering and processing, leaving only 20% for assessment and monitoring. This imbalance results from labor-intensive tasks and the risk of errors, leading to a tedious experience for customers.

Our solution offers a simple and efficient approach, providing banks and financial organizations with a secure and organized model for data handling.

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