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Banking & Financial Services

Revolutionizing Banking and Finance Sector with Next-Generation Technologies for Profitable Growth

From retail banking to neobank startups- our technology has positively impacted every aspect of the IT, banking, and financial service industry. Customers are increasingly demanding round-the-clock unparalleled services in the BFSI. Institutions are under intense pressure to keep up with technological advances to increase customer loyalty and optimize operational and functional efficiency.

Vara creates technologically superior solutions that improve your digital presence and streamline inefficient processes. We constantly invest in emerging technologies to develop innovative and niche solutions in areas such as eKYC, blockchain for trade finance, claims settlement in blockchain platforms, background verification, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and robotics.


Our Services

Intercompany Reconciliation

  • Realtime transaction settlement

  • Role based access and increased counterparty visibility

  • Greater auditing assurance

  • Eliminate delays

  • Accurate and tamper proof data layer


Cloud Security

  • Streamlined Long-Term Strategy

  • Comprehensive Security Solutions

  • Secure Application Management

  • Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Security

  • Unified Cloud Visibility

  • Real-Time Contextual Insights




  • Enhanced Security Posture

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Improved Incident Response

  • Cost Efficiency


Trade Finance

  • Enhance Approval Levels & Visibility

  • Eliminate Manual Processes

  • Seamless Financial Integration

  • Accelerate Transactions

  • Increase Scalability

  • Ensure Data Integrity


Endpoint Security

  • Attack Monitoring

  • Data-Driven Defense

  • BYOD and Remote Support

  • Efficient Maintenance


Track and Trace

  • Multiple asset monitoring

  • Improve customer relationships

  • Enforcing accountability

  • Easy integration with current supply chain processes

  • Faster service time cycle



  • Prevent Identity Theft

  • Ensure Data Integrity

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Enable Unified Data


Biometric Solutions

  • Seamless acquisition of the centralized data

  • Integrated with payroll software

  • Real-time data

  • Less expensive

  • No proxy punching

  • Tamper proof


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