Toll Management System

The Vara Infrovate TMS provides the most reliable and consistent toll management software. In use across highways in India – it is a matured technology suite of products.

The advantages of Vara Infrovate’s Toll Management System

  • Manual, Automatic toll management system
  • AVCS with over 99% efficiency
  • Deployed in over 200 lanes across the country
  • Excellent Cashup, Audit Features
  • Data Security
  • Full support on all our installations
  • Variety of hardware options

Electronic Toll Collection

Vara Infrovate administers the most innovative and dependable Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) structure.

The solution is framed with the assistance of enhanced speed, immense volume and tamper resistant qualities that have the purpose of entirely automating the operation of the toll plazas.

The benefits of Vara Infrovate’s Electronic Toll Collection

  • High Speed fully automated transaction processing
  • Reduction in manpower due to optimal operations enablement
  • Focus on data security and data analytics
  • Optimized for low power consumption
  • Reduced pollution and fuel wastage at plazas
  • Easy to maintain with minimal intervention
  • Free support on all our installations – a guarantee of our offering
  • Proven on some of the most prestigious and challenging plazas for the past 4 years

Vara Infrovate’s flexibility provides various options for the application of ETC solutions suited to meet the requirements of the projects in the form of:

  1. Dedicated ETC
  2. Mixed Mode ETC

Our proficiency in consulting on plaza locations and reinforcing those with the best solutions has helped us to foray into the market as a leader.

Quality is our prime focus area and while we are technology agnostic, we do recommend our clients to use well supported, well tested and reliable solutions that provide predictability in operations.

We operate through:

  • ISO 18000 6C RFID Tags
  • Fixed Readers – Integrated Antennas
  • Stop and Go Variant
  • High Power High-Speed Variant
  • Fixed Readers with Independent Antennas
  • Wireless Handheld Readers
  • LMR and Data Cables
  • In-house design of NEMA Enclosures adaptable to various IP ratings
  • Power Supply & Cables
Trust us, trust the Best

As a market leader in providing Electronic Toll Collection solutions, we work with our powerful partnerships, flexible OEM relationships, and direct support mechanism on implementations.

We have the vision to innovate and engage solutions that are ready to function for the advanced tomorrow.

Highway Traffic Management

Vara Infrovate's solutions on advanced Highway Traffic Management ensure a safe and secure means of road commute and usage in India.

Key features of our HTMS/ATMS solutions

  • Variable Message Signboards
  • CCTV Cameras and Surveillance
  • Optical Fibre Cable and Wireless Communication
  • HTMS Control Centre
  • Emergency Call Boxes – SIM and OFC based
  • Weather Management and Control
  • Mobility Control Solutions

Vara Infrovate recognizes the diversified privileges in the HTMS implementations across the spectrum. We have developed 3 variants of the solutions catering to

  1. High End HTMS
  2. Basic HTMS
Value for your Money

The high end solutions are structured out of the best in class and powerful technologies that fetch long-term benefits and better ROI to the customers.

The basic products of Vara Infrovate cater to the requirement for quick deploying of the vital systems for meeting the short-term needs. Installation with us is quicker and economically viable.

Our partnerships with various OEMs and service providers allow us to engage experts at the best price while providing an innovative touch to the solutions through our expertise and experience.

Border Check Post

Vara Infrovate provides solutions for Border Check Posts and other installations that require similar vehicular and movement control.

Our system components are compactly designed and skillfully integrated into the operational processes of the Border Check Post arrangements.

What we offer in our Border Check Post Services

  • Software Systems for Border Check Posts
  • Network and Communication
  • Data Centre – Local or Cloud-based
  • RFID based Access Control
  • Weigh in Motion and Static Weigh Bridge
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification
  • Lane Equipment – barriers, signals, OHLS
  • Booth and Server Room Systems

The operation and architecture of a Border Check Post demand a well-designed and process-oriented approach to be operated effectively.

Vara Infrovate equips them with the best possible solutions that are integrated with numerous state-of-the-art configuration systems, designed to meet the prerequisites of the respective check posts.

Our home-grown and made-to-order customized software reinforces flexible and operations based technology that assists in the competent and efficient functioning of the disciplines.

The border check post solutions from the Vara Infrovate function for a longer life, lower the TCO and require the least effort in maintenance from our clientele.

We even provide services for various operational needs in the border check post programs that require minimum technical skills and are best executed when managed through a process-oriented and innovative solution.


The competence to provide security is extremely crucial today. The adoption of functional video cameras transmitting data to a centralized server allows dependable surveillance. At this point, it is important to know that the method and configuration of implementation are crucial.

Vara Infrovate’s surveillance solutions are skillful approaches taken to work with the clients. The surveillance components are methodized aptly to identify the needs of the clients and recommend the apt solutions for them.

Our cameras are well-equipped with features like:

  • Weatherproof outdoor enclosure which is IP compliant (at various levels)
  • Pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functions
  • Mounting arm and camera lowering system

Vara Infrovate Surveillance solutions are ideal for:

  • Highway surveillance
  • Effective safety and security services to road users
  • Toll plaza
  • Providing security to all personnel
  • Monitoring all activities in and around the plaza
  • City surveillance
  • Safety for large complexes and inhabitants
  • Enhancing the traffic management
  • The Control Centre receives the video feed with zero video loss from all cameras.
  • Supports all types of backbone communications like OFC, GSM etc.

Video recording is in current age digital recorders

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