Vara Infrovate provides technology-based products and services
for the infrastructural industry.

We offer advanced & reliable technical solutions to our clients that enable them to meet their long-term business goals. At Vara Infrovate,
we are committed to constantly improve customer satisfaction and ensure maximum benefits to all our clients.

Services Offerings

Some of our most valued services offerings include

Technology as a Service (TaaS)

TaaS has now become a requirement for most of the large technology projects. Our unique & advanced TaaS solutions help businesses achieve their long- term goals. At Vara Infrovate , we guarantee you quality service through our OPEX model.

Advanced Traffic Control
Center (ATCC) Surveys

Our latest technological survey mechanism enables you to conduct surveys easily and efficiently. We offer tools like survey upload tool and reporting tool to ease the management and administration process. These tools have an added feature of data analytics to help you analyze data effectively.

Port Ops

Vara Infrovate has made an exceptional progress by becoming the first organization to carry out logistics data Tagging/Detagging of containers at JNPT Port Mumbai, AHPPL Port Hazira& APSEZ Port Mundra.

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identi-fication Tag) tag is attached to each container which would be tracked through RIFD readers installed at different locations. This facility was introduced to help importers & exporters trace their goods in transit through logistics data bank services.

Within a short span, Vara Infrovate has exercised 3 million-man hours in the operations that enable RFID based tracking of containers possible. It reduced the overall lead time of the container movement and lowered the transactional costs incurred by shippers and consignees.

We strive to take these numbers to bigger milestones & bring enhanced operational efficiency.

Toll Management System (TMS)

Toll Management System in India requires a flexible & reliable solution to understand & function in the complex tolling structure. There is a lot of variation in tolling rates across the country based on the highways, types of vehicle, sizes of the vehicle, etc. TMS or Toll Management Solution by Vara Infrovate is designed to effectively control the most complex toll structure management, revenue defalcation & staff supervision.

Vara Infrovate TMS provides unique comprehensive toll control system which includes lane control, vehicle classification and revenue collection systems for toll plazas.

The user-friendly interface of Vara Infrovate's TMS is flexible yet impenetrable. The system provides an open architecture for seamless integrations and upgradations as per business requirements.

Our TMS also helps the concessionaires for efficient and effective operation.

  • Technology AMC Services

    Optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) is a difficult process for organizations to plan and execute. To overcome this challenge, we provide Technology AMC Services for most of our project implementations in the relevant infrastructure sectors. TCO optimization is possible through our technology-agnostic center of Excellence, focusing on centralized support with minimal local engineering.

  • Consulting and Scope Definition

    We provide consulting services that include site surveys, site readiness analysis, independent testing and certification of systems, reporting analysis and audit services. Our in-house technical experts, operations partner, and management partners work together to provide you most unique and reliable services.

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